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March, 2013

Caching objects in .Net with MemoryCache

In .Net 4.0 Microsoft indroduces a new universal cache. For quite some time caches were already present in ASP.Net, but could (should) not be used in C# or VB.Net. With the new package System.Runtime.Caching there is now an easy way to implement a cache in any program, like a WebService or WPF-Application. As you will […]

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WPF: How to use animations / animate a pie-chart

Modern applications use animations to create nice effects and shorten waiting times. In a pie-chart its also used to show the difference between values or for presentations. To create such an effect we’ll again reuse the Pie-Class i created earlier and add the shadow effect to it. With WPF its very easy to generate different […]

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How to use Method Parameters ref, out, params

Today I want to show you, how we can use method parameters to solve specific problems. At first, we’ll look at ref and out. Normaly a parameter is used to give a value into a function or method. But sometimes we need a different behavior. If we want to return multiple values the out-keyword is […]

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