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April, 2014

Load a DLL at runtime – with hash-check

If you work with very dynamic code or external libraries or need to update your own libraries regularly, you sometimes need to load DLL’s at runtime. With C# that’s very easy. We just have to use the Assembly-class from System.Reflection and call the static methods LoadFrom or LoadFile. You can get a lot of information […]

Presence checking functions

A mayor difference between TTCN-3 and other languages are partial initialized variables. If you set a variable in Java or C# to null it isn’t initialized at all. In TTCN-3 you have to use omit instead of null, but this will initialize the variable partially. There are a few functions to check in which state […]

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Basic datatypes in TTCN-3

Like in any programming language, TTCN-3 provides different data types. In this post I’ll show you the different types and the special things you can do with them. Let’s start with an overview of all types and a short description. Later on I will explain what is meant with “subtypes”. Simple basic types Keyword Values […]