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Agile development

Since 1999 I worked for alot of companies that use agile development, or at least what they think that means.
I worked with SCRUM, PairProgramming, TestDrivenDevelopment (TDD), BehaviorDrivenDevelopment (BDD), Acceptance Tests and CleanCode.

But I only met a handful of people who actual know how to use this stuff in real life. Since I’m prefer learning by doing and adjusting methods to the environment, i learned alot from them (Thanks! by the way).

Yesterday a senior developer at my current client, asked me to train the other developers in the company. And since he already knows quite abit about most of this stuff, I also initiated a weakly dicussion about it. And thats the reason why we have another new category on

Here I want to write and discuss about all this stuff. I’ll show ways to improve coding speed without loosing quality and the right amount of testing to get things done. I’ll also explain whats behind the buzzwords and show ways to use agile development in day-to-day business.

I hope that these posts and discussions will help developer and manager to find the (for them) right way.

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