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Agile Development

Fluent Interface Pattern

Chris already discussed a few design pattern like the Null Object Pattern and the Singleton Pattern and today its my pleasure to introduce you to the Fluent Interface Pattern. This pattern is known since 2005 and the founders are Eric Evans and Martin Fowler as you can read in his post and it’s very likely […]

Null Object Pattern

As announced in my previous post about Introducing Design Patterns, I will start with the first concrete post about the “Null Object Pattern”. For this I will take the chess board example from Indexed Properties. What is the Null Object Pattern? It is a design pattern that belongs to the “Behavioral patterns”. This object does […]

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Introducing Design Patterns

As promised in my previous post about “Indexed Properties”, I will start to give you some insights into design patterns. What are “Design Patterns”? To make it short: Design Patterns are universal (language independed) solutions for recurring problems in object-oriented software architecture and development. In this post series we will limit to the common design […]

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Unexpected behavior of foreach

When a program produces wrong results sometimes(!) your code is not the problem, but the compiled result. Thats nothing new, but most developers are not aware of it. It doesn’t necessarily mean, there is a bug in the compiler. Maybe you (and the rest of the world) just expected another behavior. Today I want to […]

cast vs “as”

Another good example for our categories “difference between a duck” AND “CleanCode” is an ordinary ()-cast against “as”-cast. Why is it in both categories? Both do roughly the same thing and its more a question of code-style which one you use. But more important both use different ways to approaching the same problem and thats […]

Agile development

Since 1999 I worked for alot of companies that use agile development, or at least what they think that means. I worked with SCRUM, PairProgramming, TestDrivenDevelopment (TDD), BehaviorDrivenDevelopment (BDD), Acceptance Tests and CleanCode. But I only met a handful of people who actual know how to use this stuff in real life. Since I’m prefer […]

For vs Foreach

Sometimes, especially with C# you hear alot of “common knowledge” about performance and developers mistakes. As an (bad) example I want to refer to 8 Most common mistakes C# developers make and in particular point 7 “using foreach instead of for”. So whats wrong with this kind of post? First of all, it refers to […]

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