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Some days ago i got the problem, that I have to use a custom dictionary with as parameter for a service – therefore it must be serializable. I found an interessting solution from “Paul Welter” at his blog (XML Serializable Generic Dictionary). But that’s not all! I had to implement the Constructors for Dictionary and […]

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How to use SlidingExpiration AND AbsoluteExpiration at the same time

As I mentioned in the last post, you can’t use SlidingExpiration and AbsoluteExpiration a the same time. Thats by design. Thanks again, Microsoft. But there is a workaround. First i will present the solution and then a short and easy way to use it. The ObjectCache / MemoryCache has a nice little function called CreateCacheEntryChangeMonitor. […]

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WCF-Standalone: Webservices without IIS

The Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) is one of the best things Microsoft ever did for us. Whoever tried to build a Webservice, especially with REST and SOAP and then worked with WCF know what i mean. But today i just want to show you, how a WCF-Service can be used without an IIS and event […]

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Singleton evil or not?

Its not in the genes its the environment! They are not evil just misunderstood. Yeah, ok you get it 😀 Singletons are a very special type of objects and should be treated like that. There is no general pattern to implement and no keyword to identify them. So what the heck is a singleton? A […]

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